Chiropractic Rates

Chiropractic Works of Park City offers affordable pricing and packages. We are a check, credit, cash, Venmo practice – we are not participating providers with any insurance companies. Because of this, we are able to offer reasonable cash plans.

All pre-paid plans can be shared with family and friends and have no expiration date.

Pay as you go

  • per visit


  • $50 per visit (savings of $100)


  • $47.50 per visit (savings of $220)


  • $45 per visit (savings of $360)


  • $42.50 per visit (savings of $520)


  • $40 per visit (savings of $700)

Family Plan

  • 50 visits at $30 / visit (savings of $2250)

We are a non-insurance based office. This allows Chiropractic Works to forego the insurance industry’s fee schedules, which are very restrictive. If we were to charge you for every single service provided to you in our unique half hour visit, it would be a $300.00 charge! Instead, we provide you with what you need, not what the insurance carriers “let” us provide. Whether chiropractic is new to you or you have had years of care, I can assure you, until you have experienced our “full body” head-to-toe chiropractic adjustment, nothing else compares, nothing!