New Patients

Chiropractic Works of Park City, the office of Dr. Sean Mann, D.C. is proud to offer chiropractic services to locals and visitors alike. We make every effort to get you scheduled and into the office as soon as possible. We enjoy seeing new patients and out-of-town guests.

What to Expect

Chiropractic Works of Park City is a full service office. We take pride in providing the most comprehensive and state of the art service. This is not your typical chiropractic office! Each visit with Dr. Sean Mann lasts a half hour and includes a full body head-to-toe adjustment. Expect a complete spinal adjustment, percussive therapy working on muscles and ligaments (a “massage” with every visit), and core muscle stretching with each session. If needed, extremity adjustments and cold laser therapy are also provided. Additional services provided by Chiropractic Works include custom orthotics, nutritional support, and more.

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Cost of Chiropractic Visit

Contrary to the length of time and comprehensive service, our office is able to provide the highest quality of service at a reasonable rate. We are not affiliated with any third party payers, with the exception auto accident care.

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